Breaking News – Bank of England Interest Rates Remain Unchanged

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In this brand new, Property Education video, Simon Zutshi discusses the most recent UK Property Investing news regarding the Bank of England’s monetary policy decision announced today, and how it affects buy to let Interest Rates and property investors going forward.

What does the latest 5.25% UK Interest Rate Property Update mean for you as a Property Investor? 

After experiencing House Prices On The Rise, in the last 3 months of 2023, this raises the questions, what happened to the Property Market Crash?

With the Halifax Prediction for a 4% Fall in UK House Prices in 2024 and Major Lenders Slashing Interest Rates, most property investors are left wondering 'what is going to happen to the UK Property Prices?'

Will we see UK Inflation return to Bank of England target rate of just 2% at some point this year?

Simon elaborates on cost of freight shipping jumping up, due to the Red Sea crisis and the upward pressure this is expected to cause on UK Inflation Rates in the very near future, and the knock on effect to the Bank of England Base Rate and UK Buy to Let Mortgage Rates.



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