Council Tax Valuation of Houses in Multiple Occupation

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The Way Council Tax is Charged On HMO Properties Is Changing…

In this brand new Property Education video, Simon Zutshi discusses the Council Tax Valuation of Houses in Multiple Occupation and the fantastic news of a Council Tax Reform for HMO Property.

Landlords Win HMO Council Tax Battle after a Valuation Office Agency (VOA) assessment. Following a recent consultation response from the government, HMO Property Council Tax Banding is no longer applicable to individual rooms of a HMO, and will become a single banded property instead.

This HMO Property Council Tax Reform finally answers the question ‘Am I Going to Be Charged Council Tax Per Bedroom?’. Simon highlights how landlords can now continue to provide cost effective accommodation for tenants alongside benefiting from really good profit themselves, a win-win when investing in the current UK Property Market.

Simon explains how many people don’t usually like HMO Property Investments as they think there is an oversupply, yet by utilizing a High End HMO Conversion, it will allow you to attract discerning types of tenants who will also be prepared to pay more.

Now that the government has decided it is unfair to individually band the rooms of a HMO Property with separate Council Tax Bands, this is overall great news for both landlords and tenants.


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