Property Prices Are Falling – What Does This Mean For Your Investing?

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With UK House Prices Start Falling For the First Time - What's next for you as a Property Investor right now? Should you be looking at the Local Market over the National Average?

Property Expert, Simon Zutshi stresses the importance of looking at the statistics for the specific area you are investing in, to gain a realistic perspective on what is happening in the Housing Market.

Knowing that Property Prices Are Falling, will they come down further if we don't see a boom? Find out whether there are chances of a UK Housing Crash 2024 alongside the impact of current Interest Rates and Inflation.

Buy Now or Wait? With this being one of the biggest questions of UK Property Investing, Simon summarises that if you come across a Great Property Deal, it is better to buy now instead of Waiting Until 2025. If you really want to become a successful Property Investor, considering Motivated Sellers is key.

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