December Property Market Update – Housing Market Predictions for 2024

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In need of a Property Market Update For 2023 and a 2024 Housing Market Forecast?

In this brand new Property Education video, Simon Zutshi breaks down a summary of all the 2023 Property News alongside sharing his Property Market Prediction for 2024.

With Bank of England Rising Interest Rates reaching 3.5% last year, and then almost doubling again this year, many buy to let Landlords with variable rates on their BTL mortgages found themselves in the situation where the monthly interest on their BTL Mortgages was more than rental income coming in from the Buy to let property.

Simon explains why Section 24 is a major contributing factor as to why there are Landlords Selling Up and expediated by this Mortgage Interest Rates Crisis.

What are The Best Property Investing Strategies For 2024? As part of his UK Property News recap, if you want to know How to Become a Successful Property Investor right now, Simon encourages you to consider HMO Property and Service Accommodation as part of your Property Strategies.

How Far Will Property Prices Fall in 2024? Despite UK House Price Predicted to Fall next year, Interest Rate Predictions will be the biggest problem unless interest rates start to fall. So Should You Buy Now Or Wait?

Simon recommends that if you know what you are doing after following the correct Property Training, you should definitely buy now as there will be many Motivated Sellers. If a Property Deal meets your Buying Criteria, you need to act quickly to secure your property purchase before it gets snapped up by another property investor.



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