House Prices Are On the Rise Again – What Happened to the Property Market Crash?

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House Prices are on the rise again, so what happened to the Property Market Crash?

In this brand new Property Education video, Simon Zutshi expands on updates from the Halifax Building Society which states Property Prices have moved up for the second month in a row. What does this mean for you and your Property Investing?

With two months of average Property Prices going up, does this mean there’s going to be a Crash? Another question on a lot of Property Investors minds is whether House Prices Will Continue to Rise in December. Simon elaborates on why he doesn’t think this will be the case, and why, right now, is the best time to be viewing and securing your next Property Deal.

Whilst people are predicting a Housing Market Cash, he outlines why we are seeing a Property Price Correction instead. Simon does however underline that we don’t actually know what’s going to happen for certain.

If you follow Simon’s 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing, it doesn’t matter what happens within the Property Market and Prices in the short term. Right now is the best time to be Investing in UK Property, as long as you know what you are doing by keeping yourself up to date with knowledge.

Remember you can always acquire properties for your Property Portfolio using Creative Property Strategies such as Lease Option Agreements.

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