How to Find Your Next Property Within Weeks

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How would you like to acquire your next investment property, literally within weeks?

In this property education video, I discuss how you could secure your next property deal, either significantly below market value, or using creative finance strategies such as rent to rent, or purchase lease options within the next month.

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Right now, in many cities around the UK there is an oversupply of student Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) which means there are empty student HMOs with no tenants. Although the student academic year is about to start, most students secured their accommodation for this new academic year 6 months ago, which means landlords with empty student HMOs potentially have a problem property.

The landlords of these empty Student HMO properties could become Motivated Sellers, and if you are familiar with my 5 Golden Rules of property investing from Property Magic, you’ll know we only want to work with motivated sellers. In this video I explain how you could purchase these Student HMOs at discounted rate with joint ventures / private finance or even vendor finance. Alternatively you could negotiate a rent to rent contract, or a lease option agreement.

I explain how to find these empty HMO properties in your local area, and how you can repurposing these student HMO to cater for different types of HMO tenants e.g. young professionals.

When you take action and implement the property strategy shared in this property education video you could find your next investment property deal within the next couple of weeks!

Invest with knowledge, Invest with skill.

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Invest with Knowledge, Invest with Skill.