How To Set Goals And Achieve Them in 2024

I'm going to share with you some hints and tips from my goal setting masterclass. I'm going to talk about why is goal setting important, when is the best time to set your goals, how to actually set goals that will happen and why what you've probably been told about goal setting previously might actually be bad advice.

So first of all, why should you set goals? Well, I think we all realise that setting goals is probably a good thing to do. You've probably heard it, you might do it on a regular basis, but when I first heard about it, I didn't really believe it. Someone said, well, if you write down your goals, you're far more likely for that to happen. I thought, really, I'm not sure that's going to happen, until an event back in November, 2000.

It was a Tony Robbins training event. It was called Wealth Mastery, all about how to invest, and they talked about mindset and the psychology of investing. They didn't talk about property investing, which I thought was rather strange. Now, at the time, I was still working at Cadbury's. I was a senior manager. I'd finished a graduate programme. I had my own home. In fact, I had my own home and some rental properties as well. I had some income coming in, but I didn't have enough to leave my job or so I thought to just write down some goals. I said, right, I'm going to event. I'm going to fully participate. I'm going to do what they say. And then they said something really interesting, and I want you to write this down and listen very carefully, because whenever we set goals, we sometimes allow our own limiting beliefs to get in the way.

Sometimes we set safe goals, ones that we know we can achieve because no one likes to fail, right? We don't want to tell people, I set this big goal, and I didn't achieve it. So very often we limit ourselves what we think we can do. A great piece of advice I got at that Anthony Robbins event was, what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Let me ask that question again. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? That's a powerful question, and that opens up your mind to the world of possibility. Another tip I'd like to give you is don't worry about how you're going to achieve the goals you are writing down. Just focus on what you want to happen. If you want those goals to become reality, don't just write something down because you think it's a good idea.

I want to replace my income. Well, why do you want to replace your income? What's that going to mean for you? Specifically, how much do you need to replace your income? When do you want to do that by? These are some of the things you should do when writing your goals.

I took this advice. I wrote this list of things and I didn't think much of it, and I put it into my folder. And then a couple of years later when I was moving into a new apartment with my new girlfriend, this box that I was holding had the folder in and I took the folder out and this piece of paper dropped out on the floor, and I picked it up and I thought, oh, those goals I wrote a few years ago. Now, I looked at the list and about 20 things on that list, and probably at least 15 of those had happened in a two year period.

Setting SMART Property Goals

Now you might say, , there's nothing strange about that. But the thing is, when I wrote those goals, some of them I didn't know that they were going to happen. For example, I wrote that I wanted to leave my work at Cadbury's, not because I didn't enjoy my work, that is far from it. I loved Cadburys, I liked the people, I loved the product, and I thought I'd stay there forever. But I just realised that I could make more money doing property and I'd have more free time doing property than if I was working for someone else. So I wrote that goal, and interestingly, less than six months later, I then

left Cadburys and I put lots of other things on that list such as one day I would like to be teaching other people how to invest. Now, that was a strange thing.

At the time, I wasn't teaching anyone anything, and I kind of thought, where did that come from? But it simply just kind of came up and I wanted to do, so I wrote it down. I didn't question, I just wrote it down. And then I did another goal after that. I said, not only do I want to be teaching people how to invest, but I'd love to be on the stage here at an Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery talking about property investing for Tony Robbins and all his audience. Now, that was a really crazy goal. I wasn't even talking to anyone about property. I looked at this list in 2003 and I was moving into this new apartment, and at least three quarters of the list had achieved. I'd left Cadbury's. One of the things on list was I'd like to find a really amazing girlfriend.

"...don't just write something down because you think it's a good idea"

I was single at the time, and I'd found an amazing girlfriend and I'd like to move in with girlfriend. I was doing that. All these things I put on this list, 75% that I was actually achieving. Now the one about speaking at Tony Robbins Wealth Master Street, that hadn't happened, but actually about six years later, in 2009, I found myself on stage at the Ibis Hotel at Earls Court speaking to about 900 people at Wealth Mastery for Anthony Robbins.

I've actually done that three times now, ever since it's been in the uk, I've spoken at that event and I never would've thought that would be possible. It was just an amazing dream I thought I'd have. So my point here is don't limit yourself by things that you know are possible. And this is what I meant earlier when I said what you've been told previous about goal setting might actually be bad advice because a lot of people talk about this, SMART goals and SMART stands for specific, and I agree, goals should be specific.


You want to say exactly what you want. M stands for measurable. T at the end stands for timely. You need to put a timescale when you want your goals. But it's the other two letters, the A and the R that I have a problem with. A stands for achievable, and R stands for realistic. You have to set smart, achievable, realistic goals. 

I have a bit of a problem with that, although it made sense when I first heard it, speaking to lots of successful people as I do, I realised that actually pretty much most of the major achievements in life have been achieved when people set impossible goals, not realistic and achieve ones, but impossible ones that stretch you and push your comfort zone, and you have no idea how you're going to achieve those personal goals. And in fact, my good friend, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, who's written some amazing books such as Willpower Doesn't Work, the Gap and the Gain Your Future Self, and his latest book, which is 10 x is Ease and two x.

In that book, he talks about setting impossible goals. You see, if you set realistic goals, you have to do things that you know can achieve. That means you do what you've always done. But if you want to get better results in your life, you have to do different things. Maybe you have to do things that you are not aware of now that are not even on your radar. So thinking about your property investing, you might set some big goals and what you know now may not be adequate to achieve those goals. But if other people have achieved those goals, it certainly means it's possible. You just need to upgrade your level of knowledge and understanding so you have the correct knowledge and ability to then achieve those goals. So by setting impossible goals, it gets you to realise you need to do things differently.

You need to think differently. And when you think differently and act differently, you're going to get different results. So please, when you set your goals, don't set achievable and realistic ones just because you want the satisfaction of achieving your goals, why not set really big stretching goals? You've got no idea how to achieve. Now, by the way, don't just make them up. There need to be things that you actually genuinely want to do, and you've got to have a really good reason why you want to do that. Because if you're not engaged with your gold, if you don't have a burning desire, then the reality is you'll probably give up far too easily and say, oh, it was impossible goal anyway. So you settle for a lesser goal. But when you really want to achieve what you've set as that goal and you set it as your vision, your mind will start working to collaborate with you to help that happen.

"I realised that actually pretty much most of the major achievements in life have been achieved when people set impossible goals..."

Become Familiar With Writing Goals Down

You'll meet people who can move you forward. You will get the resources, the support you need, but only when you have that clarity and direction about what you specifically want. Also, a lot of people think, well, when's a good time to set goals? Should I do it at the beginning of the year? Shoot it halfway through the year? My view is now. Today right now is actually a really good time for you to set your goal. So I would like to invite you, once you've finished listening to this podcast, turn it off and get out a pen and paper. Or if you're in the middle of nowhere, just got your phone, okay, you could type it into your phone. But actually, I think certain magic happens when you put pen to paper and just sit down maybe for half an hour and daydream if you could achieve anything in this next 12 months.

And I'm not just talking about property, I'm talking about business, I'm talking about relationships. I'm talking about health. I'm talking about spiritually, what would you like to achieve? Who would you like to become in the next 12 months? And for you to become someone different, you're going to need to think and act and feel differently from the way you are now.

But first of all, you need to understand where's the destination where I'm looking to get to, when you understand where I want to get to, you're going to have far more chance of actually getting it or at least getting some of that way. But get really clear on that. What do you actually want to achieve and why do you want it? I really encourage you to write that down. If you have a significant other, a partner, you might want to sit down with them, do your goals separately, but then talk to them and hopefully your goals are aligned and looking to do similar things, and you can grow and learn and progress together, which is obviously the most fun way of doing it if you're doing things with other people rather than having to do them on your own.


So those are just some hint and tips about how, and I think why you should set your goals. I'd like to invite you to dream big and remember that you don't have to do everything on your own. Like-minded people can move you forward much quicker than trying to do things on your own. So my recommendation, and I'm doing this quite a lot on the podcast, because there are so many people listening to this podcast who have not been to a property investor network meeting yet, or people who've been that they know how valuable they're, but for whatever reason, they allow life to get in the way and they haven't committed. So I recommend you commit this month to come to at least one property investor network meeting if you've already been how valuable they are. And by the way, January is a great time.

As people recommit to their property investing, they're often much busier meeting. So bring some business cards with you, and if you're worried about, well, will I know anyone there? There'll be lots of new people who've not been before, and we look after you, we introduce you to other people, it'll be great.

The people you need to meet are already at that. Meet us. Don't worry about having to go with someone else. You can if you want, but you can go on your own and you're going to meet a whole load of like-minded people who like you are interested in property investing. If you've been before, you know it's a good thing to do, why make sure you've booked your local PIN meeting or pin meetings to kickstart your investing in 2024. If you've not been to a pin meeting yet, I highly recommend you commit to your own personal development and property journey by registering for your local pin meeting as soon as possible.

"What do you actually want to achieve and why do you want it? I really encourage you to write that down"

My journey over the next 12 months. I'm going to be buying more property this next 12 months I think, than I have probably the last 10 years because it's such a great buying opportunity. And if you are coming along to events and you see me at an event, please do come and say hi. Whether it's a PIN meeting or one of our big events like strategy implementation live or Property Magic Live, or a smaller, more intimate, three-Day Mastermind accelerator events. Come and say hi. And I love to hear about your success and how you're getting on with your property journey. So until next time, remember to always invest with knowledge, invest with skill. Thanks for



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