Introduction Of New Serviced Accommodation Regulations

Are you aware of the recent Short Term Lets Rules which could be affecting your property investing?

In this Property Education video, Simon Zutshi covers the new Government Announcement regarding the changes in Planning Permission for Serviced Accommodation, or otherwise known as Short Term Lets.

These regulations for Short Term Lets in 2024 are for the protection of local residents being priced out of local their communities. Simon highlights how you still have a window of time to set up your Serviced Accommodation in the UK before these planning rules officially become law.

Learn more about the Mandatory Register for those utilizing the Serviced Accommodation Strategy going forward. How will this benefit Property Investors who are looking to acquire investment property through tired Landlords? These proposed Planning Changes will assist Micheal Gove’s vision of local communities taking back control.

Simon also outlines why he wouldn’t be surprised if some local councils introduce Article 4 in relation to Serviced Accommodation Find out about how these upcoming planning permission Reforms will give more room to those property investors who know what they are doing, and get rid of amateurs working with SA Property.

Simon encourages you to see this as good news for those looking to Generate Wealth Through Property and in particular, Serviced Accommodation, this year.



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