Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget Explained

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Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget Explained - In this Property Education video, Simon Zutshi addresses the outcome of the Spring Budget 2024 and its association with the current UK Housing Market.

Following November’s Autumn Statement, orientated around helping British Workers and businesses, Simon breaks down what Jeremy Hunt has unveiled to the House of Commons for this specific announcement.

How does this Budget Update affect you as a Property Investor? Are there any key factors you need to consider in order to Generate Wealth Through Property Investment, going forward? How do you need to adjust and adapt your property investing strategy as a result of the Spring budget

Despite speculations regarding an Early Election, Tax Cuts / Income Tax Rates, Inheritance Tax, Council Funding Crisis, 99% Mortgages and a Stamp Duty Cut - the new Budget Measures announced present us with the latest outlook for the economy and public finances.

Find out more about the key takeaways from this major Financial Statement, what are the next steps when it comes to building your Property Portfolio?

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