Property Market Update June 2024

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What's happening with the UK Property Market right now?

With the Bank of England keeping Interest Rates at 5.25%, what is the impact on you and your Property Investing? Is it still a good time to invest in the current Housing Market?

In this Property Market Update for June 2024, Property Expert Simon elaborates on Interest Rates, Inflation and his Property Price Prediction for upcoming months. What's going to happen to Inflation? With UK Mortgages still going to be relatively high, it is useful to familiarise yourself to do calculations and stack deals at 6% instead.

What's going to happen to Property Prices in the next 12 months? Simon stresses how no one actually knows what's going to happen.

As part of Simon's Property Expert Guide to Investing in 2024, he highlights that as long as you know what you are doing and following the correct Property Training such as his 5 Golden Rules, right now is a great time to invest.


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