Property Tax Hacks For 2024 – Legally Minimise The Amount Of Tax You Pay

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Wouldn’t it be great if a Property Expert Reveals Tax Hacks For 2024?

In this Property Education video, Simon Zutshi expands on the Basics of Tax For Property Investors. Whilst investing in UK Property will require you to pay tax, he showcases the Ways to Avoid Property Taxes in certain scenarios or simply legally minimising the total amount of tax you pay.

Before explaining UK Property Tax Basics, Simon stresses that he is not a qualified tax advisor, and in this video you will receive a general educational overview. It is important that you consider Property Tax advice based on your personal circumstances, by working with a property tax specialist.

How Do Property Taxes Work? Find out in detail How Your Property Tax Is Calculated.

Learn more about the 3 main types of Tax that you will come across whilst building your Property Portfolio, these involve Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Whilst there are constant Tax Changes within the UK, Simon familiarises you with what to expect from each type of Tax, alongside how you are able to offset costs such as repairs on the property, against rental income.

When it comes to Inheritance Tax, Simon highlights that if you are starting to build your own portfolio, you should definitely get good tax planning advice in advance. It is much better to start in your 30’s and 40’s to create wealth for later generations.

Developing a value mindset rather than a cost mindset should help you when learning How to Become a Successful Property investor



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