Stretching Your Comfort Zone for Success

Tony Robbins famously said 

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got."

To experience change in your life, you need to change your habits and actions. However, as humans, we are creatures of habit. About 90 to 95% of our actions are the same day in and day out. While we crave variety, we also seek certainty and comfort in the status quo. But if you don’t change, you won’t get different results. 

The Fear of the Unknown

In property investing, many people love the idea of investing but dread speaking to estate agents, sellers, or landlords. They fear difficult questions, embarrassment, or being put in uncomfortable situations. This fear often boils down to false expectations appearing real—an acronym for fear that highlights how we often worry about things that never actually happen. 

For instance, consider the fear of speaking to an estate agent. The worst-case scenario is that you might feel embarrassed or be brushed off. However, the best-case scenario is that you might discover a fantastic opportunity, secure a great deal, or even form a beneficial relationship with the agent. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you open yourself up to these positive possibilities. 

Pushing Boundaries 

At our training events, we encourage participants to share their key learnings on the microphone. This exercise serves multiple purposes: it helps them remember what they’ve learned, reinforces the knowledge for the group, and pushes them to overcome the fear of public speaking. Over the years, no one has ever been harmed by this exercise—quite the opposite. It’s a powerful way to build confidence. 

Reflect on your property investing journey. What tasks are you avoiding because they make you uncomfortable? Recognise that the anxious feeling in your stomach when faced with these tasks is a signal that you’re pushing your boundaries. Embrace it as a positive sign of growth. 

My Personal Journey

As a child with incredibly poor eyesight, I dreaded reading aloud in school assemblies. My mouth would dry up, my legs would shake, and I feared being judged. However, my passion for magic helped me overcome this fear. Performing magic tricks built my confidence and eventually led me to become a professional speaker. 

Today, I speak to small groups and large audiences alike, sharing my knowledge about property investing. While I still get nervous, I use that energy to enhance my performance. Seeing my audience take action and transform their lives gives me immense satisfaction. 

Think about the things you know you should do to advance your property investing career but haven’t done because of fear or discomfort. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Doing so can lead to incredible opportunities and growth. Remember, success awaits just beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

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