UK Inflation Drops Sharply to 4.6% – Huge Inflation Shock Update

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In this brand new Property Education video, Simon Zutshi addresses how the UK Inflation Drops Sharply to 4.6%. With this being a Huge Inflation Shock Update, he talks in detail about What It Means for House Prices and you and your Property Investing.

As part of his Property News for November 2023, how will this Significant Drop in Inflation impact you?

Simon highlights how Inflation is generally seen as a bad thing, yet has many benefits for Property Investors. Now that Interest Has Fallen in the UK, what are the next steps?

When will we see an end to Higher Interest Rates? The latest Interest Rate Hikes might just be here to stay until Quarter 2 of 2024.

Whilst the UK Housing Market might have had a blip up in October, Simon explains why he doesn’t think the market is actually recovering. With loads of Landlords Selling Up, Property Prices coming down and Interest Rates still relatively high - this will most likely also continue into 2024.

So Is A Housing Market Crash Coming? Despite Property Prices dropping at the moment, Simon believes that they will eventually bounce back. If you’re looking to invest, there is no better time.

There may be a lot of fears and concerns regarding the current Property Market and Property Price Predictions, yet if you apply Simon’s 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing from his book Property Magic, it doesn’t matter what happens in the short term.

With the right Property Education you will know what to look for, and how to work with the current market, even familiarizing yourself with Creative Property Strategies such as Lease Option Agreements and Vendor Finance.

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