What Does Halifax Predict For The Future of House Prices

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2024 Housing Market Predictions – What Does Halifax Predict For The Future of House Prices?

What Will Happen to UK House Prices in 2024, Simon Zutshi talks through the potential of UK Property Becoming More Affordable, with major lender Halifax forecasting a 4% fall in UK house prices.

Is there a chance that this recent Property News is correct? Find out more about the other significant issues which could impact UK property prices, such as the Bank of England not lowering their rates, an Inflation Spike and Mortgage Rate Affordability.

When is the right time to Build a BTL Property Portfolio? Will there be a Housing Market Crash?

Simon dives into how his 5 Golden Rules of Investing from Property Magic can help you regardless of what happens in the short-term Property Market. Is a Lease Option Contract the recipe to success in 2024?

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