What Would I Do Differently If I Started Property Investing Again?

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If I Started From Scratch Now, I’d Do This – If a Property Expert started all over again in the 2024 Housing Market, what would he do differently?

In this Property Education video, Simon Zutshi begins by talking through his Property Investing background for the past 28 years, highlighting how if he was to Get Started in Property Investment now, he would utilize one particularly powerful tool.

Simon stresses how he would make use of Lease Options in the current Property Market. Lease Option Agreements are a great way to control a property and get the benefit of cash flow and potential equity growth from an investment property, without having to buy it.

Become familiar with How to Find Great Property Deals by looking for Tired or Retiring Buy to let property Landlords in an area of Strong Rental Demand.

Find out more about why Simon would carry out different Steps To Buy His First Rental Property, with a UK Lease Option instead of purchasing it.

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