You Need To Get Out Of Your Own Way!

In this blog, I'm going to talk about why you need to get out of your own way! Now, this is an expression that we use when often the only thing stopping people from achieving everything, they want to achieve is themselves. 

So, if you are feeling stuck or even if you are not achieving as much as you want to from your property investing, then this blog is perfect for you. I'm going to talk about some of the common blocks and challenges people have, and how to overcome those. And I'm going to recommend some resources that you can use to move forward much quicker with your property investing. 

The first thing I think that stops many people from achieving all their objectives is they're just not committed enough. This was the case for me. I didn't have anyone like me telling me that I should be investing in property. None of my family had ever invested apart from their own homes. I just didn't know; they don't teach you this kind of thing in school or at college. But you don't have that excuse because I'm here telling you; you're reading this Blog. Now I'm sure you've read other people's blogs, and I'm sure you've watched YouTube videos as well. You can see what property has done for other people. But, if you want that to happen for you, you must make the decision and the commitment. 

What’s stopping you from taking the next step? 

The next big challenge I see that many people have is they just don't believe. They don't believe it's possible to invest in property, or even if they think it is possible, they don't have the belief that they can personally do it. Well, having taught thousands of people over the last two decades, I can assure you that if you commit, if you decide to make it happen, if you educate yourself, if you surround yourself with the right, like-minded people, you can achieve absolutely do anything you want to do. A great way we can help you is if you come to some of our events like our big three-day hybrid events like Strategy Implementation Live, which usually is in March or Property Magic Live, which is often in September. These are hybrid events you can physically attend, or you can virtually attend. 

Now, the other thing that stops people, and this gets in people's way, is fear. Fear is natural. Fear is there to protect you and keep you alive, but it's often fear of the unknown. It's uncertainty, fear of making mistakes, fear of losing money. And the good news is you can overcome much of this fear by getting educated. 

So many people have a fear of public speaking. They say it's their number one fear, even more than death. And I get that because I used to be terrified of speaking in public. But the more I've done it, the more I've understood how to structure a talk, how to deliver a talk, what to say, what not to say, how to connect with an audience, and how to deal with any issues that might arise.  

“The more you understand something, the less you fear it”

The more I've understood that, the less I fear it. So, I quite enjoy it now. I've had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of people all over the world.  

If you're a bit fearful of investing in property, then make sure you get educated. Make sure you understand the process. Make sure you understand how to minimize the risks and you do that by learning. Now, this is where the challenge comes in for a lot of people because they say they're interested or they say they're committed, but they're not willing to invest the time to get educated they're not willing to invest the money to get educated, they're not willing to put the effort in to understand what they need to do to be successful. 


Is investing in education worth it? 

Some people say that education is expensive. It can be, but in the big scheme of things, compared to the potential reward of investing in property, the cost of education is quite small. It's an investment, not a cost. The way I always look at it is if I spend a pound, I want to make sure I get at least ten pounds back. If I can get ten times the return on my investment, then I'm happy to spend as much money as possible because I'm going to get a return. I've always seen property investing as a long-term game, and the more you invest in yourself, the more you learn, the more you surround yourself with the right people, the more you understand what you're doing, the more you can make, the more you can achieve. 

Now, if you are ready to make that commitment to educate yourself, to learn what you need to do, to overcome your fear, to overcome your belief issues, to overcome your commitment issues, then I'd love to help you. You can join my Mastermind Programme. We have different levels, and different options, depending on your level of experience, your level of commitment, your level of investment, and how much money you've got to invest. 

Now after reading this Blog, if you're not achieving everything you want from your property investing, ask yourself, are you getting in your way? Are you committed? Do you believe it's possible? Are you allowing fear to hold you back? And are you willing to invest in yourself, to educate yourself, to overcome all those challenges? 

What will you do now to make a change?

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